by - September 28, 2008

Bloody. Gruesome. Revolting. Horrifying.

Freaky. Especially when death scenes are involved. When it came to the scene of that blonde babe having a dip in the bath tub, by common sense I thought perhaps she was going to die by electrocution, I was so wrong. The director made the death so deadly and disgusting, it might take time to remove the scene from your memory.

Her murderous reflection killed her by ripping her mouth apart. One hand on the upper row of teeth and the other on the lower part, do a pulling action of the opposite direction, her jaw dropped to the chest level. Blood shoot out continuously and the camera never moved a bit from the death unlike some other film, flashing few shoots of blood just to scared you. Even though it's a good thing to be able to watch her death process, from her struggling till the last breathe. The whole thing was so bloody I peeked through my fingers.

The Atrociously wicked satan
that lived within the mirror took lives just to force an ex cop (Kiefer Sutherland) to look for a lady for which he wanted to possess in. It reminds me of 'Exorcise' somehow. Anyway, the devil threaten the cop with the safety of his family, forcing him to paint off all the mirrors at home, but forgotting that water too can result in a reflection.

It's a fantastic movie if you're looking for something to scared yourself and definitely provides superb ideas if you're attending some halloween party and deciding what to wear :)

However, after this show, you might want to consider or think thrice before looking into a mirror. Especially when you're alone.

You might be moving, but you friendly reflection might not.

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