Day Off

by - March 19, 2009

Yeap. Off day :)

Yesterday work was superb although asked to stay while longer to assist K.C manager for some admin work. Honestly, I love this job.

Speaking to people, dropping down appointments for interview etc. Environment is sun ray free, people there are mean free. What can I expect more?

Being under K.C manager did gave me the motivation to succeed in life, in work, in everything I do. Although targets were hard to be met, I still did it in the end.

Sometimes, a small job can bring on huge motivation to one's life. don't you agree?

So anyway, shopped Vivo today with Bf. Had lunch at 'White Dog Cafe', ordered their lunch time special :)

- Chicken cream soup

- Cheesy baked rice

- Strawberry ice-cream / Mango passion fruit cake

Bf was in super duper fantastic mood, god knows why :S

Caught 'Hotel for dogs' late in the afternoon.
Another film flooded with doggies, another film to pass out the important message of having a pet is a life time duty.

Yet, the inventions of gadgets for dog uses does put in a new fresh feeling to this movie :) Cant deny I'm more attracted to these inventions, though the dogs are really adorable too!

Simple storyline, with a pinch of sibling hood, touching I must say.

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