Dim sum / i-cream / movies (SINFUL)

by - March 02, 2009


Out with Bf & Js.

Sinful. I was suppose to be on a diet ya know? :/ Told myself, a little bit of a everything should not be much of a problem. (Glee)

As usual, thee xiao long baos had me drooling over them! It really was hard to neglect, to not take a bite into them ya know? Lol.

After that went to suntec, along City Link Mall, went into 'Marvelous Cream' for ice-cream! The store alone is chio-ness already, all pinky one, but the ice creams are nicer!

Bf order Strawbeery Condense Blanc, consisting of :

- strawberry
- mango
- fresh milk
- condense milk

Simply delicious :D

Movies at Suntec - My Bloody Valentine 3D

This film is frigging gore can. Pretty much gore compare to all those Final Destination series. Chopping here and there, eyeballs everywhere.

Not leaving out ripping open of rip cages. Duh, puking sensation was strong man. In addition of 3D effect, I kena scared hell outta my life man!

Especially when the murderer threw the axe, it feel like it was in my face =((

Good twist in the story, catching you off guard. Murderer is somehow like Jason, in 'Friday the 13th' all cover in mask and only has 1 weapon.

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