Hair extent

by - March 15, 2009

Say hi!

To newly made extension :)

No comments, I feel reborn. Okay, a little too much. Perhaps, I feel strange to myself. I never in a lifetime ever had such long hair :/

Went Chinatown Point yesterday morning with bf to get hair braiding extensions, the process was a hard and long 2 hours.

Poor guy, bf was falling asleep when I was finishing haha!

After finishing, went to PS to catch 'Coming Soon'

Bloody frigging scary can!

Thai movie makers always have a way to make your heart leap out from your mouth. Especially at the last scene when the credit's up I wonder why the light still wont turn up. Haha, peeps if you ever go watch this movie, careful the ending.

Sometimes, the ending might not be the end.

Prepare yourself.

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