by - March 17, 2009


Morning peeps. I'm kinda still trying to rip my eyelid open. Cool morning, it's raining, I'm suppose to be in bed enjoying the weather.

Anyway went interview yesterday in one of the organisation within the prudential building located at Newton, didn't expect it but started work on the spot :)

Work my way till 10 in the night and called it a day, frigging frigging hungry :S Went down to Amk with Rs and Vivi for Mac (Boring). But what can you expect at a time like this when the nearest 24 hrs operated food place is McDonalds.

So fattening. There goes my weekly work outs and my weight lose, gonna gain them back.


I miss everyone.

Miss my Mr Dino dino, my campus cliques :))) , my VJKR although we will be meeting later :D

Weathers like this always bring on my misses for people.

God, am frigging tired and yawning non stop. If I don't stop here the post will grow bored by the end.

Tata folks.

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