Scream 4

by - April 17, 2011

Caught my very first horror film of year 2011; Scream 4.
A whole new era of actors and actresses with your familiar scenes of stabbings, running, chasing, bleeding and of course, screaming.

Did I mention that Hayden Panettiere look freaking hot in her short haircut?

Damn, super hot! Love her new look!

Even bad ass boy; Nico Tortorella who cast for the Trevor role caught my heart :)

What a heartthrob! (L)!

Still remember Emma Roberts's cast in 'Hotel For Dogs'?

She's the best actress in S4 I must admit. A good actor is able to portray themselves in many different personalities for different cast. And I think she really did it.

So actually, what's so exciting about S4? I don't now about you, but I love guessing, guessing which character  is the gruesome serial killer hiding behind that ghost mask. Usually my guesses are quite accurate, but I guessed wrongly for S4! So unpredictable :)

4/5 stars. Some hilarious part in the starting, very silly scares and entertaining laughs.

Catch it now :)

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