by - April 24, 2011

Oh man, today is the last day of holiday. Sucked.
But, I'll be back in the arms of my awesome friends tomorrow. Wee!

2 incredible movies I caught these few days; 'Drive Angry & Source Code'

Drive Angry
Whenever there's Nicolas Cage, there's paranormal excitements (Ghost Rider, Season of the Witches etc.)
Some funny & obscene scenes.
If you're into Satanism, Lucifer and how a dead man save the world,
this will be the show for you.

Source Code
Jake gyllenhaal! (L)(L)(L)(L) ~ He's a charming guy!
Travelling through time to solve crimes & change fates of innocents.
Detest the first few parts though, when he repeatedly move from reality to crime scene & back again.
Kind of creates headaches for me :(

So, I had a little swim & fun at Jurong swimming complex and got myself a little tanner, damn.
Awarded myself with Anderson ice cream, aww...

Once in a while, gotta keep the body fats down!

Hey boy, it's your last chance. Screw it and I'm gone forever :) (L).

30 April, PAY IN!
1 May, GST package IN!


I'm gonna shop till I drop :)

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