Mother's Day

by - May 09, 2011

I love you mummy, always & forever.

It's the first Mother's Day without my brother celebrating together, I miss him :')
Anyway, woke little brother up yesterday morning and we went groceries shopping to cook up a feast
for mum.

Button Mushroom
Chicken Breast Meat
Carbonara Sauce
Clam Chowder Soup

Yes, I was going to make Creamy Chicken with Mushroom pasta!
We kind of have to tiptoed of of the house without waking up our parents, don't wanna spoilt
the surprise right?

Soup of the day; Clam Chowder with grilled honey tomato and garlic bread.
Self-made garlic spread :)
Dad loves my presentation. In fact, I'm surprise myself. Little brother did a good job being a 'waiter'
and helping me display the fork and spoon, nicely wrapped around a napkin. Just like a restaurant ;)

Dad, mom, bro. (L)

Creamy pasta topped with diced Asparagus! (Y)

Most touching moment when mum saw the food, hugged me & say "谢谢你, 女儿"
So, I think I'm addicted to cooking. This Sunday would be Sushi day!
Stay tuned (L)!

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