by - May 15, 2011

Creative Thinking's video was a GREAT successful! Thankful to all my lovely girls :)
Fun is where you girls are (L).

I like this peekture so much! Jo looked like a child deprived of childhood. But really,
the main point of this peekture is actually the maroon sky. Awesome nice. Love her SNSD legs!

Chilli Crab & Bee Hoon Crab with BSC peeps at Mellben Seafood!
Why only 1 picture?
Because after the 1st crab is served, all our hands are busy with crabs already haha!

It's practically a gathering week because, I met up with RS & gang on friday for some K session!
I (L) them, very much :)
Still going super super strong (Y).

And finally..

I brought my Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel!

Apply every morning and night, really smooth your skins and keep it moisturise, being using it for a while.
Product loyalty is definitely forming :)

Retarded (L).

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