Be Monday Blues-Free

by - September 24, 2012

Be free from Monday Blues! Here's my secrets to kick start the week happy and energetic!

My mum has this habit of preparing chicken essence for my siblings and I to consumer in the morning, but I never really like the smell and taste. If I really have to drink it, I'll like mine to be hot. I'll mix the essence with warm water and force it down my throat. That's not detest. The taste is just unacceptable for me. 

So I replaced chicken essence with Brand's InnerShine Prune Essence! Have been loving it since I first tried it a year ago :) Partly because it contains Pomegranate; my favourite anti-oxidant fruit! I always have my bottles of Prune Essence chilled, tastier this way! Dietary fibre, prebiotics; perfect supplement in the early morning :)

Monday always feel draggy and depressing, since it's so far away from the weekends. So, to wash off all these negative ions within the thoughts, here comes The Body Shop's White Musk Smooth Satin Body Lotion. It smells just like holiday. It really does. It smells like resort rooms, beautiful bathtub etc... (if you know what I mean). The smell motivates me to hang on and pass the day till my next get away! 
Not to forgot snacks!!! So I've with me a Chups Chups Strawberry lollipop and a mixed flavoured Candylicious lollipop. You have to agree, snacking does make one happy :) Some times, I bring along some Pepero Almond sticks or Milk Pocky sticks with me to lessons. Good snack and great for sharing! :)
Happy Monday! Ciao :-*

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