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The long awaited weekend is finally here, and we finally visited the Harry Potter Exhibition Singapore! Sadly & expe...

The long awaited weekend is finally here, and we finally visited the Harry Potter Exhibition Singapore! Sadly & expectedly, no photography is allowed (as usual). So I can only provide written description of the tour. Basically, the exhibition is practically; 'A day at Hogwarts'. First pit stop already got all the little kids excited! Because, finally everyone come face to face with the amazing Sorting Hat. All the kids were hyped up at the chance to try it out!

Personally, my favourite part of the exhibition is all the outfit displays; all of the excellent handcraft custom made costumes! I was hoping to find more souvenirs than what was available there. More 'magical candies', but only saw the Chocolate Frog & Bertie Bott Beans which didn't appeal to me; cousin once brought back Jelly Belly's Beanboozled from Paris which practically is the same thing. But, they do have pretty notebooks & pens! And, I was pestering the boy for the owl toy, for fun of course! My bed is packed with fluffy stuff already!

Photobombed by shadows lol

Last (and only) picture from the waiting lounge before tour starts!

Head over to MBS and I point out 'Au Chocolat' to J, telling him how the pastries sold there are really pretty because a common friend's Instagram is filled with all sorts of delicacies there! Bumped into their live mascot, very adorable :D

Once reached, we were utterly astonished by their displayed pastries! They even sell macaroons the size of my palm (probably)! Never a fan of cakes, but the appearances itself had me sold.

Was heading to buffet for dinner so we only picked 1 to takeaway and we got the Fresh Strawberry Tart!

Love at first sight, addiction at first bite
relatively huge store!

Beside dine-in's, candies, pastries, they also sell pencils, bean bags, pen, shirts, tags. All sort of crazily adorably stuff!

That's a real moving toy train! It moves around the shop. #toyland

Packaging itself can win everyone over already!

Movie at The Cathy.

3/5 popcorn ratings for 'Resident Evil: Retribution'. Predictably, Alice (Milla Jovovich) turns up in her suit skin-tight-leather black suit, armed with all sorts of guns out to defeat the undead ones. Its agreeable that the actions are non-stop, every scene is filled with flying bullets, bombing background, hungry zombie trying to get a bite at her flesh. However, there is no meaning, no speciality underneath all these special effects. No more exciting, thrilling plans to accomplish. If you're in for special effects, a fan of awesome gadgets/equipments. This show is for you :)

Dinner time at Ellenborough Market Cafe located at Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore, for international cuisine buffet!

Hottest catch of the buffet; Black Pepper crab and baby lobster, always a long queue! :) Quite a wide spread of variety at the sushi stop, but I only a salmon lover.

Crayfish, veg, mantou, chicken karaage, steamed chicken in lotus leaf

That's my plate for the start, now let's check out my boy's...

Chili crabs & crayfish!

Super appetising isn't it? Every time I see crab, I think of Uncle Leong's Seafood automatically haha! Unfortunately, the crayfish & crabs are rather small in size, you can roughly gauge the meat portion.

Chilled prawns, baby lobster
Prawns! Another of my favourite tee hee. Compared to the crabs and crayfish, the prawn had much more meat! Delicious!

Thank you :-*

Dessert Corner!

J's all time favourite dish of Market Cafe...

The Durian puree! Too thick for me, but J mixed it with the jack fruit ice-cream which resulted in a more tastier sensation! Buffet don't seems to be valuable to us anymore, judging from our diet and the fact that I get full easily haha.

Took a stroll along Singapore River, Mid Autumn Festival Lighting 2012 is going on, you should come down for a visit!

Beside lightings, there's also Asian Food Street, featuring China, Taiwan & Singapore delicacies and traditional game stalls by Uncle Ringo! Play a game, win some toys!

Fruitful day :)

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