L'EGERE on Virgo Cruise

by - September 28, 2012

Thanks to the invitation from Watsons, I get to attend "Get Flawless with Kelvin 老师" L'EGERE Virgo port stay event so I ask along my bestie Yun!

Just like "女人我最大" set up! Everyone's hyped up for the the appearance of Kelvin 老师!

As the MC translate what he said, Kelvin 老师 was busy posing for us to take pictures haha! He's super friendly. 

3 important thing a women must always remember to do - "Cleansing, Moisturising & Sun blocking". Guess I'm on the right track! We got the chance to try all demonstrated products and I must say they are a pack of wonderful products! Magical!

Whenever you're pampering your face. It's crucial to do it in this way - Downwards up, Inwards out. Or else, every procedure is done in vain and your face probably sag faster. Most importantly, beauty comes with proper diet, sufficient sleep and regular exercises :))

According to Kelvin 老师, if eyes are the window to one's soul, eyelashes are the curtains of the window. #lol Super important for ladies to curl your lashes, no need for thick make up, but always remember to curl up your lashes, so you wont look that dead.

What to/not to wear lesson. 

Mini Virgo Cruise model presented to Kelvin 老师, who happens to be a Virgo! 

Special package pricing for all on board! Check out the queue. Good products are definitely worth the wait.

L'EGERE products will be out in all Watsons store from November onwards!

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