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Best way to enjoy Friday? Rejuvenating the mind, soul & body for all the tortures it had endured for the entire week. Lovely J boo...

Best way to enjoy Friday? Rejuvenating the mind, soul & body for all the tortures it had endured for the entire week. Lovely J booked us a session at Spa Symphony for their Couple Retreat package :)

Reception area already made me feel like I'm on vacation

The staff were approachable, all communications were clearly made and friendly advices were given regarding what is best for our body condition. We did a $30 top up for their Shape Essential Oils for our massage. Its say to be able to improve our blood circulation, boost energy level, firms and shape up our bodies!

First stop - 40 minutes private jacuzzi session with 'Dead Sea Mineral Rich Salt Crystal'!

Jacuzzi's water temperature was pre-set at a rather high degree and it was unchangeable. It was pretty unbearable when I entered, slowly the body got used to it so everything is still alright :) I can't wait for the 40 minutes to be over because the massage is the real event I'm looking forward to haha! Once Jacuzzi time was over, took a bath and prepared for massage!!

Major love their in house slipper! Pretty shade of pastel mint green! SLIPPER Y U SO NICE!

Got out of the Jacuzzi room and headed for the lounge outside where drinks is already prepared for us! :) 

J took this, pretty! Thanks boy ♥ 

After the drinks, the massage therapist led us to the massage room! Didn't have time to snap any picture, too eager to set my mind to relaxation so here's some picture from their official site.

Notice that white board on the cupboard? It's actually a magnetic board when you can place the provided round magnet at places of the body you would like the therapist to focus on (eg. shoulder, waist, thighs). And the stars are ratings! After the entire session is finished, you can use identical magnets to rate their performance :)

It was a good 60 minutes of body massage! The therapist did refer to my white board arrangement and focus on my stiff shoulder aches. And honestly, I've been rubbing these shoulder at home either by myself, my mum or my brother but it didn't really heal much. But after that hour of magic touch, I left the room ache free. 

Took this after I've changed back to my clothes. This is actually a Tibetan Singing Bell and it was used at the beginning of the treatment. They gently clink the 2 tiny gongs above our head and it produced a really relaxing sound. You will notice that there's a lot of greenery within Spa Symphony. It's said to help reduce muscle tension related to stress and improve healing :) Very satisfied with the session.

Spa Symphony is located at:

313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road,
#B2-50/51, (S)238895

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 11am to 9.15pm
Weekends & PH: 10.30am to 8.30pm
Tel: 6636 8878

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