RevitaLens OcuTec Multi-purpose Disinfection Solution

(Sponsored) Contact lenses have became an essential product for majority of the human race. Some used it for convenience purpose...


Contact lenses have became an essential product for majority of the human race. Some used it for convenience purposes while other used it as a form of beauty accessory to beautified their appearances. No matter what kind of contact lens user you are, it is a serious duty to keep those lenses clean and bacteria free.  

I am always brand hopping, trying to find the best contact lens solution. One that is able keep the lens vision clear, even when I am out the entire day. Fortunately, RevitaLens Ocutec Multi-purpose Disinfecting Solution came by my mailbox few days ago and I was elated for the opportunity to try it out :)

I have been using it everyday since I got my hands on them. Amazingly, my lenses are making my eyes feel more comfortable! Even when I am outside for long hours, there won't be any blur vision situation anymore. I no longer need to keep blinking my eyes, just to refresh the lens. Hooray :D !

Problems with contact lenses and lens care products could result in corneal inflection and/or ulcers can lead to loss of vision. Here's what RevitaLens OcuTec Multi-purpose Disinfection Solution can do for you:

  • Highly effective against broad spectrum ocular pathogens in the environment with 99.99% efficacy and hard-to-eliminate Acanthamoeba cysts and fusarium. 
  •  Sustains high antimicrobial activity in lens case over time. 
  • Ocutec Activity reduces solution toxicity to cornea and hence minimizes hyper-sensitivity responses.
  • Greatly reduces stinging sensations during lens insertion, fewer complications including eye redness during contact lens wear and offers excellent lens wearing comfort over time. 
  • Higher compatible with new generation oxygen permeable silicone hydrogel lenses and conventional soft lenses.

Here's 3 questions for you:

1. Are you looking for a solution that requires less rubbing time? 
2. Are you wearing high-oxygen permeable soft lenses?
3. Do you wear your contact lenses for long hours, i.e. 12 hours or longer?

If all of your answer is 'YES', this solution is definitely what you need :)

Your eyes best friend!

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