Carnivore @ Vivocity

by - October 02, 2012

Met up with baby love during his lunch break and dined at Carnivore (Vivocity). The restaurant was rather quiet that afternoon, love the peace and space we got :)

Carnivore is a Brazilian barbecue restaurant. For lunch time, we were able to indulge in 9 churrasco items (Lamb, Grilled Fish, Chicken Thigh, Honey Ham, Honey Pineapple etc). To balance up a meal full of proteins, there is a salad bar where you can enjoy over 15 hot and cold salad and appetizers! 

Initially, this is what I took in my plate after a visit to the salad bar. Then the skewer bearing passadors from Carnivore's came over with all sort of meat (did I mention it was a "all-you-can-eat" meat restaurant!), where they will help to carved onto your plate. After the passadors approach us for the 3th time, I already have this much food on my plate!

Check out the different variety of meat on my plate! Its not all though. Personally, I love their butter fish  chicken thigh, chicken bacon and grilled pineapple! Super delicious! The honey ham was quite a disappointment, because it was really hard and cold. 

Got to love the peace.

Can't take in anymore of the meat? Don't worry, Carnivore provides you with a round cards upon arrival. When you place the card on the table with the green side facing up, those passadors will slice chunks of the meat onto your place. But if you're too full to take in anymore, flip over to the red side and automatically, those passadors will not ask if you want some more meat. How thoughtful!

1 Harbour Front Walk, #01-161/162, 
VivoCity, Singapore 098585

Tel: 6376 9939 

Buffet Lunch:
12pm-3pm (weekday, $31++)12pm-3pm (weekend, $34++)

With love, Adeline :)

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