Halloween Thrills!

by - October 19, 2012

Finally, we're just a week away from Halloween! And that's me looking all geeky. Aren't you excited for Halloween already?! In fact, today is the starting of Universal Studio Singapore Halloween Horror Night 2!

I'll be attending this marvellous event (1st time), just not today. I used to do Halloween celebration at Sentosa Spooktacular instead of the USS's. But I got sold into participating USS's Horror Night challenge because of the repetitive TV commercial. I'm pretty much the kind of victim who dies right at the start of a horror film. But still, I'm going to try to brave through all these horrors! #excited

Although I'm still a few days away from my Halloween trip, the thrills are already eating into me. So I tried doing some small Halloween trick/make ups today!

I still have no idea what character I will go to the party in. Leopard printings are rather common but really, they are super easy to be drawn and they always look nice :) Cracks will look better and more realistic if I go as a spooky porcelain doll. The "finger pumpkins" idea came out of nowhere. I drew on almost all parts of my hand and the only space left to try something else is only on my fingers.

Well, not exactly out of nowhere. It actually came from Guru Pitka of "Love Guru". Maybe I could replace those Halloween pumpkins with something scarier. Just maybe.

This Pale Man from "Pan's Labyrinth" is one of my darkest nightmare, so I presume it's a really good character to go as. I manage to make out the eyeballs using cotton balls and taping them to my palm. With a little make up, it looked really creepy! (which is good), but I've to drop this idea. Figured that it will be pretty hard to show where I'm heading with my hands covering my eyes. Beside, this gesture is really tiring.

I still have around a week to decide my final outfit. But here are some of the ideas within my considerations, all make ups are pretty well done!

Amazing isn't it?

With love,

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