Confession #07

It’s been a long time since I last “confessed”. It was only few days back, after Catching “Ruby Sparks” in the theatre that I c...

It’s been a long time since I last “confessed”. It was only few days back, after Catching “Ruby Sparks” in the theatre that I come to the realization of all the thoughts I've been keeping, are fighting to be heard. It was the perfect movie for me, I love the complications within and I definitely love the sound made by typewriters. 

At the age of 6, I am already inspired to be an outstanding author or artist. That was the age where fairy tales were allowed and dreams seems possible. When everyone was busy playing block catching, I spent majority of my time at the library whenever school is out, back then it was pretty easy to spot me with a book. To Granny’s, there’s a book in my bag. Overseas, there’s a book in my luggage. Recess time, I would pick my book over hopscotch session.

I miss those PL girl days

Yes. I was that typical nerdy dark framed girl in school. (Finally understood why my classmates could not recognize me at gatherings) 

At the age of 14, I submitted my ever first hand written article to Friday Weekly; a chinese school paper and earned my first article payment from SPH (Singapore Press Holding). Every Friday, I would pick up a copy to see if my article was published. When it did, I was purely overjoyed. A $15 cheque came shortly after the article was published. It was the greatest achievement of my teenage years. I continued this hobby, getting inspirations from library books every week and earned a pretty decent amount through my writings in my secondary school days.

Teenage "Trophies"

Even after I graduated, proceed to post secondary educations and bought my personal laptop, I still write. More in fact. I did freelancing in articles writings, wrote e-stories on forums and even send drafts of self created stories to publishing firms; which is another story. The passion for writing never died, it was just forgotten. 

Shaped by society and needs, the only connections I have with writing are now just simple blog talks. It seems as if childhood dreams are no longer valid. Writing was deemed as a hobby and never a career in the eyes of parents. Writing was a good hobby but never a “down-to-earth” career prospect. Slowly, I forgot that passion which used to burn inside me and led a life of what was expected. I love what I am currently pursuing. Marketing, designing and etc. But I guess, I miss writing the most. 

Now that I’m an adult, a phrase where self management, control and decision making lies in my own hands, I might write again. Be it coding, writing or designing, many friend had told me to do what I do best at. Life will be just life, if there’s no dream or passion. 

Dreams are still possible, they are never away and they are never far. 

With love, 

P/S. I wonder if typewriters are still available in the market? I always wanted to give a try at one :)

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