Reminiscing Old Times

When was the last time I sat on a swing? Long forgotten were the childhood moments. Managed to snap a few pictures of mother natural while waiting for the arrival of my pixies; Jo & Wen. Some China worker stalk me and stared at me almost throughout the waiting period, until I make a fake phone call that's when he leaves. What a creep.

Setting up for Paranormal stay home movie marathon :) But I have to say, Jo looks just like a gamer here haha!

Cheese Ramen (with extra cheese!) for lunch. It's pure joy to spend the rainy afternoon crashing Wen's crib, cooking together, lying next to each other, feeding each other with food. These girlfriends moments is enough to keep me happy for quite a long time :) 

Not to forget a special gift I received today.

Thank you baby girl, I love it. 
Love you all pixies :)

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