Rilakkuma の日

by - October 17, 2012

Wednesday morning must be the best morning of the entire week :)

To my lovely boy: Thank you for making time out of your hectic schedules to compensate for the lost time we have accumulated, thank you for your understanding towards my examination period (muggings turns me crazy), thank you for the exciting plans you have laid out for us in the following months specially Decembers' and lastly, thank you for a lovely breakfast ♡.

Though I am not really a fan of processed cheese, but the boy's egg omelette got to be the best. I love how we always take turns making meals for each other, surprising the other party with our unbelievably good culinary skills. #bliss

As the blog title states it all, today is Rilakkuma Day because I made Rilakkuma jellies and K got me some Rilakkuma collectibles, thank you girlfriend! In exchange for her lovely gesture, I made Raspberry flavoured Rilakkuma jelly for her ♡. 

Thanks to Jo for the Rilakkuma ice cube mould, I can also use it to make jelly! Made a lot of mini orange flavoured jelly for the family. Because I freeze the jellies, it taste better than the usual soft, chewy taste. More of popsicle taste!
Thanks K ♡.

Rilakkuma Travel Kit (Mini comb, mirror and 2x liquid containers):

Rilakkuma Liquid Dispenser:

It got to be the best day :)

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