USS Horror Night 2012

Special shout out to my boy for planning this Halloween celebration, I had a great/wonderful/amazing/lovely (all the words I ever kn...

Special shout out to my boy for planning this Halloween celebration, I had a great/wonderful/amazing/lovely (all the words I ever known are never enough to describe that night we had) night. 

We were horrified to realized how pack the Sentosa Express from Vivo City was that night. So packed that it requires 30 minutes of waiting time for each Sentosa Express to arrived, therefore we walked there. Thank goodness, we are a pair of rather healthy & sporty couple. It was fun racing the boy over to the other end haha! We were perspiring way before the event started.

Death Alley

Lucky for me, J had experience with the event crowd and functioning system at USS Horror Night before, so despite the fact that we bought express tickets (Thanks to, the tickets were affordable!). J's plan was to visit all the 3 haunted houses (Death Alley, The Insanitarium & Dungeon of Damnation) before going for the rides. True enough, within 30 minutes after the event commenced, we already visited all 3 haunted houses, queue free! Even express tickets were not needed, because everyone was busy taking pictures with the ghost & zombies etc. We left all photography activities to the last. Brilliant.

The stinkiest horror house got to be "The Insanitarium". It smells of discharge, urines, rotting flesh, especially evil. I really salute all the crew involved in the event, their tolerance level towards the long tiring working hours and stench is really high. Good working spirit! The most horrifying horror house goes to the "Dungeon of Damnation". I can never forget how I walked down that "hallway of hands", everything in the house screams "Silent Hill". Real scary.

Lime Vodka Jello shots in a syringe! Just like how we celebrated Halloween at Clarke Quay's Clinic some years back! #reminisce

A cup of chilled beer and mini pizza cone to satisfy our tummies before heading for more adventures!

'Best photo of the night'

Straight after I post this photo on my Instagram and labelled it "Extraordinary love affair", the boy grabbed it and post it on his Facebook wall, stating that this is his new girlfriend that I allowed. #lol. But seriously, look at them, love birds that met up after a few centuries of separation haha!

Last stop before we head home - Celebrity Café and Baker

Strawberry Shortcake & Mango Sorbet ice cream + a slice of Strawberry Shortcake. While the street is fill up with screaming, monsters & ghosts, here we are enjoying dessert inside the cafe, enjoying each other company :)

What's better than sweet savoury desserts to end a day of fun?! So much love showered from the boy, so much pampering for the night. I love you Justin boy :')

With love,

P/S. There's way too many photos to be post up here, the rest will go to my Facebook.

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