Hello November!

by - November 01, 2012

And so, this day finally arrived. I'm done with my final paper and that leads me to 2 full months of semester break! #ecstatic. Looking forward to all the plans I've made and all the staycation, vacation coming my way. There is so much I want to achieve within this period of break time. Hopefully I can strike off every to-do list items!

Met up with my fellow ISD'ian for a catchup dinner plus, our big brother is finally going to enlist on the following Tuesday. So we opted for Ajisen one of his favourite dine out to catch up :)

Ordered their new Tom Yam special, "Chicken Karaage Tom Yam Ramen". I will never get tired of Tom Yum, there's something about the spicy & sour element I'll never reject. Head over to Cold Rock at 313 @Somerset for some after meal ice creams!

Mango Sorbet, Honeycomb, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla & Bubblegum!

Xueru just came back from her vacation and she got me a Rilakkuma mobile touch pen to add onto the collection! Thank you girlfriend :)

All the best big brother, looking forward to your "botak head" and we will meet again soon :)

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