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Are you aware that a new  integrated  wing has been opened at Plaza Singapura? Just at the place where it was formerly known as "T...

Are you aware that a new integrated wing has been opened at Plaza Singapura? Just at the place where it was formerly known as "The Atrium @ Orchard". The new wing is so spacious and it is filled with many different types of cuisine restaurants! Food lovers should totally check this place out :)

Met up with J and decided to settle our lunch at HIFUMI Japanese Restaurant located at #04-68 of the new wing. I love how the tables are arranged, leaving customers with ample personal space. Plus points for first impression includes polite and smiley service crews. 

At Hifumi, when you order any of their set meals, you are entitled to enjoy their free flow appetizers which includes cheese fondue! Their set meal are priced at a reasonable range of around $10.90+ to $18.90+. However, it's a pity that their variety of appetizer isn't very wide. 

Their Chawanmushi must be in the smallest portion anyone ever encounter! Not only is it super adorable, the portion is just right for appetizer; you won't get a full stomach before the main arrives! Majority of their appetizers are cold dishes, like the eggplant tempura and karaage. 

Presenting J's Pork Katsuni Set and my Katsu Curry Rice Set. When the Pork Katsuni arrived, I was "food struck". The egg was cooking and the smell was just fantastic, on the other hand, my order of Katsu Curry was rather normal and unappealing. I have the tendency to always make a mistake with food choices, which is why I always take sneaky bites off J's plate ha! Anyway...

Dig in!

You can visit their Facebook page to look at their menu!

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

4/5 stars for the The Bellas! Who would knew that an A Capella movie could actually bring out the force and power found only in dance movie (eg. Step Up), plus super hilarious element! What really left me having goosebumps were those beautiful vocals and remix; when different song, different pitch and voice comes together, magic takes place ;) The soundtracks of this movie rocked the entire theatre. Definitely worth the ticket!

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  1. I think I spot 'cheese fondue'! ><

  2. Next time I bring you there okay? And you can have ALL THE CHEESE YOU WANT. ;D