Ramen Craze @ Ramen Champion

by - November 14, 2012

Satur-date with J at Bugis+ for ramen and "Ah Boys To Men". Tried out Ramen Champion located at #04-10. Over here, you get to choose from 6 ramen stall whose chefs are competing in a ramen battle.

Upon arrival you will be handed a card for ordering of food and billing later on. It's pretty convenient using  the card to record the purchases and make payment later on, save up the trouble to foot the bill after every purchase :)

This is my choice of Gantetsu Ramen, and here is my verdict: I like their mixed miso soup base and the ramen but the chashu and tamago didn't win my vote. I prefer my chashu to be soft and thin, and it melts the minute I take the first bite. So far, I only can find this kind of chashu at Marutama.

J bought this, I don't really remember what is this but it sure taste tasty!

This is J's choice of Menya Iroha ramen. I find the soup base too salty but the tamago and chashu were delicious! Totally opposite of mine. I can't really decide which stall sells the best ramen as I've 4 more other stall to patronise and each stall has wide variety of ramen to choose from!

Till then, I will be going to bed dreaming about hot tasty ramen broth and those soft-and-melts-instantly-in-your-mouth chashu.

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