Time to Catchup

by - November 03, 2012

It fits perfectly, thanks Xueru! 

Once examination is over, all gatherings started rolling in. Met up with Jeannie, my 14 years of buddy on Friday and she was craving for laksa from Laksania (NEX), so we had dinner there. It was my 1st time trying the food there, apparently every dish has something to do with laksa! They had laksania (lasagne), laksa pasta and laksa hotpot etc!

Went shopping after dinner, when queuing to make payment, Jeannie took out her "notes" and say she's rather "paiseh" to use her money because she folded them #lol. I got to learn this trick from her, so adorable!  Notes in the form of clothing!

You know you can always count on me :) We've been this far.

Saturday night dinner with the boy at AMK !

To my boy: I'm so excited about our holiday, but what's more meaningful about it is having you leaving your footprints in my life. I love you, truly madly deeply.

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