Safti Military Institute • Silent Hill: Revelation

Out of the long records of event works I ever took up, this got to be the best of all. Pushing aside all the fun, it was a torture having...

Out of the long records of event works I ever took up, this got to be the best of all. Pushing aside all the fun, it was a torture having to force myself to wake up at 4.30am to prepare and travel to Joo Koon. That's right, all the way to the west side of Singapore because the event was held inside Safti Military Institute.

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"Fall in" around 8.30am and started to preparing for our individual games stall. Can you imagine it? If I'm not mistaken, this carnival is held to celebrate some anniversary thing. So we're basically catering games and food (pop corn, candy floss, nacho cheese, hotdog buns) for big boys haha! Somehow, the candy floss machine was not working well due to low voltage power or some situation similar to this. So I missed out a chance to try making candy floss :( 

 Anyway, I met and made a really fun loving girl at the event; Cindy. We had so much fun together, a smile spark up a conversation and one led to the other and by the end of work, we had our number exchanged and was already whatsapp'ing! She's really sweet, I didn't get time to drink any water and she shared hers with me, and she fed me nacho because my hands were full, plus she protected me from some weird NS man who came over, introduced himself, wanted to shake my hands and asked if we could talk. Overloaded with creepiness. I love people who I can hit off at first sight. I seriously do. And it was until I was on my way home that I realized who she was! Basically she's one of Singapore's blogger that I do follow regularly, which is no wonder I found her face so familiar! She blogs here, you guys should take a look. Cindy is really nice :)


Besides this, the other most popular game station was the 'Dunk Tank' haha! Oh yes, we had the dunk tank there. Majority of the big boys were fun company although I  receive request like hugs if they won, numbers etc. Some keeps queuing up just to beat the game, so by the end of the first semi part of the event, I already got familiarized with them.


Great fun working with Into E Projects.


Ever since the first part of "Silent Hill" was screened, I've been waiting for the second part to be out.  And after years of waiting, it's finally here. The film made use of many special effects and computerized monsters to scared your soul out of the body and it works successful. Even better if your catch it in 3D. However, the story line is just too rushy, everything is cramped up together. One plot ends and another pops up, leaving you no time to digest the information. In terms of detail, I got to be honest that it with be way better to watch game versions on Youtube, because this is just like a rush summary of the show.

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