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Finally a week of short break after a new semester starts! Now I've the opportunity to update this humble space and return some ent...

Finally a week of short break after a new semester starts! Now I've the opportunity to update this humble space and return some entertainment to those who key in my URL every minute around the clock (or not). If you're following my Instagram (ADEYLOVE), you probably already found out about this classic Mickey pullover I brought from #Forever21 

This comfy piece come at the price of $27 (sales!), it kept me really warm and cozy everywhere; lectures, movies, chilling with friends. 

 photo 20130125_135354_zpsf5aebf63.jpg 

Head over to Katong for traditional Thai BBQ - Mookata! Fortunately we were lucky enough to make it as their last customer before the shop closes for the afternoon. Started the barbecue with a cup of refreshing Thai Milk Tea. The tea was made with such thick sweetness, it was almost impossible to empty the drink without an additional glass of water in the other hand.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps8ce5ee1e.jpg

Out of the combination of marinated meat, my favourite got to be the pork belly! It was a lovely session of  feasting with majority of my favourite dish and people. A really good place for family/friends to gather, eat till the tummies cannot take it anymore and just chat and laugh the time away.

 photo 20130125_140141_zpsb94f2d32.jpg  photo 20130125_140202c_zps20887db9.jpg

2013 is still perfect so far. I've been living with busy schedules, lunch/dinner dates, preparation for another romantic vacation that will happen in less than a months time and spending the rest of the time loving my boy.  
Within the 24 hours in a day, have you wasted them doing bootless nonsense than to live for yourself? Life is short, better live it to the fullest :) 

 photo IMG_8075_zps7dafa07e.jpg  photo IMG_8074_zpsdd58fbb9.jpg  photo IMG_8068_zpse797a364.jpg

Ma Maison (Bugis) for dinner. No queue at all, we were ushered to our seats within minutes upon arrival! When Lady Luck shines on you, there is no stopping in the luck coming you way.

 photo IMG_8069_zps90b8fd9c.jpg
Beef Stroganoff Butter Rice
 photo IMG_8070_zps3433079d.jpg 

My order of Beef Stroganoff Butter Rice was délicieux. With the combination of light and fluffy omelette, slices of beef stroganoff and brown stew, my mouth was full most of the time. Yums.

 photo IMG_8071_zps176ee205.jpg
Seafood Paella
 photo IMG_8072_zpsaf35b16a.jpg 

Again, the boy made another wrong order of food. The baked saffron rice was bland. Fish & Co.'s seafood platter makes a much better choice. Really.

 photo IMG_8073_zps81ffe025.jpg

Even so, there was no doubt they have the best ambience for couples :)

With // Adeline

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