Yum Cha Cravings

by - January 15, 2013

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Impromptu dim sum lunch with J at Yum Cha (Chinatown), our most frequently patronised dim sum restaurant. It all started out with the boy texting me that he was craving for dim sum, then there was a little reluctance in me because of the overloading carbs. In the end, my stomach gave way to the decision, who ever can reject dim sum? With consistent work outs session, I guess I can handle delicious carbs for a day!

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Every time I'm here, these all my 'must-have' dishes.

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Sesame Prawn & Mango Roll
 photo IMG_7971_zpsa4a27fca.jpg
Guo Tie
 photo IMG_7969_zps46f250db.jpg
Har Gow
 photo IMG_7972_zps65a65353.jpg
Yum Cha "Sea Treasure" Dumpling
 photo IMG_7973_zpsfadb2383.jpg
Shark fin, Crab meat, Mushroom etc.

Sinful satisfactions.

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