Phuket Trip / Day 4

After a ultra long wait, I've finally complete my travelogue on Phuket. Yes, this post marks the last day I get to soak in the sun rays...

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After a ultra long wait, I've finally complete my travelogue on Phuket. Yes, this post marks the last day I get to soak in the sun rays, indulge in all the good Thai food and enjoyment of Phuket.

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Woke up really early on the last day to check in our baggage at the hotel lobby before proceeding with more sight seeing and last minutes shopping for family and friends. Nothing really changed beside the fact that both of us got sun burnt from all the water activities the previous day.

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Made another trip down to Jungceylon shopping mall and realized that we didn't explore the back of the mall extension which had much more shops! Lucky us! There's so much to be thankful for, especially the weather. If the weather had not been excellent during the entire stay, we wouldn't get to enjoy all the fun.

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Before heading out to the streets again, this ete ice-cream stall caught my attention with the long queue it was holding. It seems like a famous ice cream stall for the locals, something like our Ben & Jerry or perhaps Marble Slab

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Check out all these amazing flavours!

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And so we got a cone with 2 scoops of ice cream! Maccadamia Brittle for me and the Young Coconut Sorbet for the Mister.

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At last, we arrived at the 50 Baht shop after walking down 2 streets under the sun! J wanted to buy singlets so we spent quite a while there choosing patterns, colours, sizes plus they also sold other items such as make up pouches, bags and souvenirs all at 50 Baht.

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That would be me, sitting down on their staff tool waiting for the Mister to finish his shopping while I took self shots (good lightings!).

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Hi Mr-muscle-all-over. His arms are getting ridiculously huge these days!

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Chanced upon their Family Mart; a 7-11 concept store, and had this bad craving for spicy titbits. Mind you, it might be Thailand where the food are always hot and spicy but you can hardly get spicy titbits in Phuket. So was I happy when I saw Calbee spicy fries, until the moment we ripped open the pack. Instead of what we both thought to be spicy flavoured fries, 2 sachet of chili sauce was found inside. We stoned for nearly a minute before our brain finally process this truth and we just stood by the roadside laughing ourselves silly.

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Yes, we ate it this way. #lol

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Lunch at some random home cook restaurant with pineapple rice, Barbecue prawns and Fry fish! The camera is obviously not doing any justice to the fish, it was the utmost delicious dish of the entire meal!

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On our way back, J stopped by this mobile drink stall and got us a cup of milk tea which was really 90% condense milk and 10% tea. Real sweet. All those condense milk filled cup prepared at the side had bees crawling inside, all over it. Gosh, can you image how sweet this stuff is?

 photo IMG_7864_zps24dd45c4.jpg photo IMG_7865_zpsd1e4f8cf.jpg photo IMG_7869_zps14f43be7.jpg
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Night market along the beach starts operating early on weekends. By 4pm food stall are already set up with pipping hot seafood and bites you can enjoy from!

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Free sitting along the beach for you to enjoy the food with. Sea breeze, music and good food. I will definitely miss this place.

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One last dose of Nutella Banana Crepe before we head off to the airport.
Will we be back? Probably :)

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