Island of Love; Bali // Day 2

by - May 07, 2013

Finally, after my disappearance from the blogsphere for over a months, I'm back with updates on the Bali! The luxury villa stay comes with breakfast service; way before we wake up, the staff were already making these breakfast for us. And once we wake up, we were in time to enjoy it. How marvellous.

 photo IMG_8390copy_zpsffd7c66c.png
After breakfast, we head over to Potato Head Beach Club to enjoy the breeze, beach, waves and of course more food! 
 photo IMG_8391_zpsa3378a7c.jpg  photo IMG_8393_zpsa436ec34.jpg  photo IMG_8395_zps0ebf62e0.jpg  photo IMG_8394_zps8a1ffe57.jpg  photo IMG_8401_zps328fbad7.jpg  photo IMG_8396_zps33ae3663.jpg
 photo IMG_8414_zps27ff50ce.jpg
Chicken Croissant Sandwich w/ Fries
 photo IMG_8416_zps6aee7e30.jpg  photo IMG_8408_zps0bf38138.jpg photo IMG_8409_zps5c7d02f3.jpg
Pisang Cooler
 photo IMG_8412_zps1c477abb.jpg
Fish & Chips
 photo IMG_8413_zps397d6c61.jpg

Their fish and chip was one of a kind, the dish was pretty much finished within minutes! And I will definitely recommend the Pisang Cooler drink - banana and honey blended with passion fruit, tangy orange juice and natural yoghurt. Yum yum yum.

 photo IMG_2068_zps83058831.jpg  photo IMG_2042_zps05ffd356.jpg  photo IMG_2064_zps4660751e.jpg  photo IMG_2024_zps249ce94f.jpg

Spent the next few hours by the sea and I've to admit it was the greatest moment of my life. We took turn speeding against the wave with our jet ski and the most memorable moment got to be when I team up with Sheryl. This girl is a dare devil, we were speeding pass the boys, daring our limits with the waves and we almost flew off from the watercraft but nonetheless, it was pure madness, fun and laughter!

Not to mention, some parasailing time too!

 photo IMG_8419_zpsf79c0e93.jpg  photo IMG_8424_zps8d8e3aaf.jpg  photo IMG_8425_zpsbd2ff71a.jpg  photo IMG_8427_zpsdf0b3faf.jpg  photo IMG_8430_zpsaf863bc7.jpg

A taste of local cuisine at Warung Made in the town before heading back for spa and massage time at Bodywork and Mexico Tacos and Margaritas for supper before the day ends ;)

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