Island of Love; Bali // Day 3

The third morning in Bali started out with an appetite for some fruit pancakes and white water rafting! A scary turned brilliant id...

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The third morning in Bali started out with an appetite for some fruit pancakes and white water rafting! A scary turned brilliant idea proposed by Sheryl. Initially, the boys were against the idea due to safety reasons. Turns out, we had one of the most amazing time of our lives :)

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All geared up and ready to brave the waves! We had to walk a zillions step downwards before finally reaching the rushing waters. It was 100% safe and fun, not to mention how fortunate it was to look at waterfalls at such near distance. It was a pity my camera was tucked away in the safety bag, away from the water, it was a waste that those beautiful scenery could not be shared.

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After a few hours of energy draining water activity, we washed up, ate some buffet prepared for us before heading to the Rock Bar. Vacation can be a lot of fun when you have the right group of people to enjoy the fun with, and when you have a great trip planner. Thank you Sheryl, you are truly awesome.

 photo IMG_8501_zps048ed57e.jpg  photo IMG_8493_zps0bf21662.jpg  photo IMG_8497_zps935ce608.jpg  photo IMG_8496_zps1e4c77a7.jpg  photo IMG_8492_zps8788be86.jpg  photo IMG_8604_zps8cdc60b1.jpg  photo IMG_8518_zps78204016.jpg  photo IMG_8505_zps8c4ad40c.jpg  photo IMG_8509_zpsdf546ebd.jpg  photo IMG_8510_zpsf6cc75aa.jpg  photo IMG_8545_zps4bf8f83e.jpg  photo IMG_8547_zpsfdd1b488.jpg  photo IMG_8549_zps1857ef46.jpg  photo IMG_8600_zps41a74256.jpg

Doesn't this place leave you breathless? There is something about nature that always leave you speechless but keeps the thought running endlessly in your head. Words cannot describe how wonderful it was standing at the top of the rock, watching waves crash onto the shore and the sun setting on the horizon.

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 photo IMG_8562_zps49b45501.jpg
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Orient Spices Fried Chicken Wings
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Beef Chorizo Corn Dogs
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Scenery was not the only thing that made the chilling session a success. The food and drinks also contributed a huge part to the overall enjoyment. Delicious, delicious, delicious.

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As if the day was not romantic enough, we had seafood platter dinner along the coastline of Jimbaran beach. The night was perfect, I could still vividly recall the sea breeze blowing our way, the four of us chatting, eating and just purely enjoying each others' company, life was simply blissful back there. 

Oh, and I so love their grilled corn. I would die for a second chance to get my hands on that juicy hot corn!

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  1. finally you are done with Bali , its already 4 MONTHS backdated !!!!

  2. I know haha! There's still a finale post though lol!