Luxurious Labour Day

Half of the year is almost gone, May has arrived in lightning speed. We welcomed the 1st of May with delicious cuisines and a staycation...

Half of the year is almost gone, May has arrived in lightning speed. We welcomed the 1st of May with delicious cuisines and a staycation at Sheraton Towers Singapore which was located along Scotts Road and few minutes of walk away from town! Before checking in, we stopped by Square 2 for some Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen. 

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J took a ramen + gyoza set with his usual pick of Shio ramen and additional a la carte Karamiso ramen (Tonkotsu broth enhanced with blended spicy miso piece) for myself because I was craving for some spices that day :) The chashu were yummy and I definitely love my ramen broth. Given my love for nori (seaweed), the mister ordered additional nori and nitamago (flavoured egg) to be put separately. It might not be the best ramen we ever had but we agreed it was something good enough in comparison to the pricing and taste.

 photo IMG_8918_zpse5cffcb5.jpg  photo IMG_8906_zpsd777bdbf.jpg
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Japanese cuisine for lunch and we settled for Vietnamese cuisine for dinner! Absolutely a day full of excitement for our taste buds. The following pictures are taken through my phone and the low lighting of the environment is not doing any judgement to the fabulous food.

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Dry Stewed Beef Noodle 

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Just from queuing up to get a seat, I could already smell the wonderful aroma of the herbs and spices used in the dishes. I usually cannot stand queues, they get me frustrated quite easily. However, it seems to be different at Nam Nam. I did not mind the queue at all and actually anticipate to try out the food, what a pleasant surprise.

J ordered Pho Beef Balls Hanoi Pho and I had my share of Dry Stewed Beef Noodle. I used to complaint how the boyfriend always makes the right decision with food ordering and how I suck at it. Surprisingly, my beef noodle was the perfect choice this time round. Huge chunk of tender beef cooked almost in the identical style of hor fun except with a touch of Vietnamese spices, real savoury dish. 

 photo 20130501_161818_zpsb0ea31c0.jpg
Fried Prawn w/ Pork Roll

 photo 20130501_162216_zps70025d30.jpg
Deep-fried banana w/ sesame seeds & smoked coconut sauce

Just one sesssion with Nam Nam and I am already sure it is the better place for Vietnamese cuisine compared to others I have been to and I will be back for more!

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