Sakae Sushi Buffet

by - July 12, 2013

{3 July 2013} // Held a surprise pre-birthday/dinner celebration for my dearest Cancerarian - Wen, along with the other girls at Sakae Sushi (Chervon House). I'm glad we all love sushi. Actually, majority of my girlfriends are fan of Japanese food. I have not met any female who actually reject the idea of Japanese food yet. I miss those times where we sneak out of campus at break time just to satisfy our sushi cravings at Ichiban. Those were the polytechnic days.  

 photo IMG_9213_zpsb86cfa6e.jpg
Salmon Sushi

Salmon, tender yummy salmons, probably the most spammed dish for any form of Japanese buffet. Don't you deny the fact, I'm sure you're kind of drooling right now :)

 photo IMG_9215_zps5b24800b.jpg
Fried Hotate (Breaded Scallop)

 photo IMG_9220_zps1da8ca57.jpg
Age Gyoza (Seafood Dumplings)

 photo IMG_9216_zps3c00e1ab.jpg
Spicy Salmon Temaki (Handroll)

Sakae's Spicy Salmon was a 'love at first taste'. When I had my first try at this, I was coughing away at the spiciness itching my throat. But something about this genius invention got me hooked on, and slowly I got used to the spiciness and I crave for it once in a while. Whoever invented this combination is a pure genius. 

 photo IMG_9219_zpsdf9e70a6.jpg
Complimentary Ramen (Seaweed/Bean curb)

 photo IMG_9218_zpsf1db5fd7.jpg
Salmon Sashimi

 photo IMG_9222_zpsb3629883.jpg
Spicy Salmon Gunkan

 photo IMG_9226_zpsdd4c8bdc.jpg
Tiramisu  Ice-cream

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsf3eacaa3.jpg
Credit: Sakae Sushi

You might have notice my sushi preference by now. Mainly salmon. Guilty as charged, I was one of those salmon spammer. Sakae Sushi might have tons of sushi for me to choose from, but hardly all of them will appeal to me. That sort of makes me a picky sushi eater I guess. Anyway, here are some of my favourites from Sakae. (Left to right): Hana Maki, Chuka Hotate Gunkan/Scallop Sushi, Chuka Idako Gunkan/Seasoned Baby Octopus Sushi, Salmon Mentai Inari/Codfish Roe Sauce Salmon in beancurd skin, Ebi Mentai Crepe Maki/Fried Prawn sushi roll topped with Shrimp Roe & Grilled Codfish Roe. You shoudl try it, if you ever dine there!

Cheers to awesome friendship, ugly sushi fights, unglam sushi spams, reunion, birthdays and our sisterhood.
Love always.

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