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20 July 2013 // For the last few days, it was undeniable that time haven't been in our favour. School has resumed for me at the s...

20 July 2013 // For the last few days, it was undeniable that time haven't been in our favour. School has resumed for me at the start of July and with only 5 months left till I wear that mortarboard, my schedule is terribly packed with work and school. On the other hand, J's schedule is packed with endless Manhunt events and preparations. There was unavoidable tiff here and there, and it was usually due to good intentions for each other. So it was decided, this cannot go on forever. Throwing away all thoughts plus hectic schedules, we head out on our usual 'saturdate' and whoala! It was one of the best date ever. 

Sometimes, a little patience and leeway can make room for love to blossom.

Being really thoughtful, J booked us tickets to 'Grow Up 2'. Comedy to kick start a date? I will never ever disapprove that idea. A new burger chain - Grillado, has just open up at The Cathay. They serve really good chicken breast burgers. Yes, chicken breast! Definitely a wonderful news to all those who are having cleaner diets, doing weight training. Basically, it's goodness your body can afford ;)

For lunch, we patronised the Hifumi Japanese Restaurant. From the first time we ate there (read here) till now, their varieties for the all-you-can-eat appetizer bar has changed. But of course, everyone's favourite cheese fondue remains. They now have soba, happy food for me!

 photo 20130720_160857_zps75ed4a5d.jpg  photo 20130720_160912_zpsd7c34692.jpg  photo 20130720_161027_zps9ed1edbd.jpg  photo IMG_9478_zpsb9df968d.jpg  photo IMG_9486_zps9b9363db.jpg  photo IMG_9480_zps0395f2e8.jpg
Pork Katsuni Set ($12.99)

 photo IMG_9485_zps77e33f53.jpg
Teriyaki Chicken Rice Box Set ($14.99)

As usual, J had his regular order of Pork Katsuni which comes with those yummy eggs. I had my first try at the Teriyaki Chicken Rice Box which tasted good but does not differentiate itself from those sold in Yoshinoya. 

 photo IMG_9490_zps1f87e773.jpg  photo IMG_9491_zpsffa5fcac.jpg

Spent another hour or so chilling at Dean & DeLuca over sweet treats; Berries & Flap Jacks, Strawberry cake. I'm more of a pancake person than a cake one, but when I'm in a really enjoyable mood, I can finish the entire cake. And that's exactly what happened to that strawberry cake haha! I adore it's frosting which was not too thick or creamy and it tasted like Pocky strawberry sticks (not kidding). 

We were 2 happy human eating, laughing, stealing kisses (and food) that entire day. As much as he irritates me, he's still my happy pill & energy booster after all.

 photo IMG_9503copy1_zpse4f66321.jpg

#ootd - dress from H&M 


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