by - October 28, 2013

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After a month of disappearance, I'm back. In case you were wondering where did I disappeared to, I was busy rushing assignments and burying my nose in books and notes for my finals. In between these two, I had a bad case of stomach flu which gave me non-stop vomiting and jabs at the hospital. Anyway, I can now happily (unofficially) say goodbye to my university life. Yes, I've completed my degree, awaiting for graduation next August (probably).

It's like a conflict of emotions deep inside me. The excitement of entering the workforce, finally able to pursue my interest. Yet, the other part of me is unsure of the path ahead, unsure of the decision that are going to be made. This is where I tell myself  to constantly embrace changes, stop feeding the fears. Positivity has definitely help me found my inner peace and the path to happiness in life :)

On a happier note, I celebrated the end of my examination at Sentosa, participating in the Zombie Race 2013! Before the race, I was having my last paper in the morning and had only 4 hours of sleep the night before. Surprisingly, my legs could still carried me pass the zombies, obstacles and finish line. It was definitely a fun race! Now, I having thoughts of participating in 'Run For Your Lives Asia' next January. Today marks the 1st day of my holiday and I've done Halloween Skeleton Face make up tutorial and some products reviews to make up for the lack of posts, so stick around :)

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