Krispy Kreme Singapore

by - November 05, 2013

American doughnut chain - Krispy Kreme, finally arrived in Singapore on 12 October 2013, and set its roots at Tangs Orchard basement 1. Long queues and hours of waiting has proven the brand's popularity among local food hunters. Finally (and luckily), I get to enjoy 1/2 a dozen of Krispy Kreme doughnuts queue free! There was a wide variety of doughnuts to choose from, and I've picked Cinnamon Apple Filled x2, Almond All Over, Red Velvet, Powdered Blueberry Filled and Chocolate DreamCake.

 photo IMG_9923copy_zpsa64134ad.png  photo IMG_9925copy_zpsadc9e73a.png  photo IMG_9927copy_zps1e992217.png  photo IMG_9930copy_zpsfac9cbde.png  photo IMG_9928copy_zpsfba5e161.png

Doughnuts are known to be high in sugar level and does not provide much real nutrients. But, no one can deny that they make a good choice of comfort food/mood booster. I particularly love the Chocolate DreamCake, just one bite and you can see the chocolate oozing out, yummy. Krispy Kreme IS tasty but kind of overrated I would say.

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