[Sponsored Review] ITOH Collagen Powder

On this Christmas week, I received a wonderful box of collagen powder from Sample Store . I've always wanted to buy myself colla...

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On this Christmas week, I received a wonderful box of collagen powder from Sample Store. I've always wanted to buy myself collagen drinks but never knew which one was better. As a women in my near-mid twenties, I believe it is extremely important for me to intake collagen regularly to prevent dry, flabby and wrinkly skin (ageing skin). Did you know our collage level decrease rapidly after the age of 25? #fact

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A box of ITOH Collagen contains 14 sachets of collage powder. The powder is colour-less, tasteless, non-sugar and non-fat. Each sachets contain 300mg of collagen that can be dissolve into any drinks or soups and can be intake throughout the day! The collagen powder is made up of  ITOH Low Molecular Collagen molecules that enhance the absorption of collagen, allowing our body to take in all the benefit from the collagen. Isn't that great! 
ITOH Collagen is endorsed and strongly recommended by celebrity-beauty Guru - Kelvin 老师! (女人我最大).  Still worried about the product's credibility and reliability? Fear not, ITOH Collagen is approved by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) & World Health Organization (WHO).

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(Before stirring collagen powder)
Initially, I was worried about fishy taste/smell that might surface from the collagen powder. After I mixed the powder in a cup of  Earl Grey tea and took a sip, I was amazed by how well the product has totally dissolved into the drink and does not give out any fishy taste, in fact it was impossible to taste the collagen powder! Now, I can enjoy a cup or bowl of my favourite drink/soup without the fear of losing it's taste and at the same time, still able to intake all these collagen goodness.
ITOH Collagen can be purchase from Guardian at $49.90/box, grab yours now!

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