Momiji Japanese Buffet (City Square Mall)

by - April 22, 2014

 photo 20140318_115859_zpsddddaa36.jpg  photo 20140318_115954_zpsc246f722.jpg  photo 20140318_120006_zpsf96b0406.jpg  photo 20140318_120024_zpsf8a9e2c8.jpg  photo 20140318_120225_zps8b78b5ee.jpg  photo 20140318_120434_zpse0e13f89.jpg  photo 20140318_124749_zps1ec595eb.jpg  photo 20140318_121942_zpsfa2f69d5.jpg  photo 20140318_121857_zps5acceda3.jpg  photo 20140318_120016_zps5c1fe51e.jpg  photo 20140318_124915_zps6ce04eb3.jpg

Probably one of the best buffet I ever had. And I wish I'm there right now. This instance. (drool)

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