Dae Ssik Sin Korean Grill BBQ Buffet Restaurant (Nex)

Lately, I seem to have a huge appetite for Korean cuisine. Thankfully, there is one restaurant located at Nex; which is really near my resi...

Lately, I seem to have a huge appetite for Korean cuisine. Thankfully, there is one restaurant located at Nex; which is really near my residing area, that offers Korean BBQ. I’ve walked pass the restaurant numerous times, but today will be my first attempt at their service and food.

I arrived at Dae Sskin Sin approximately 12 plus in the afternoon when the restaurant hosted only 4 other customers. Fortunately, I was directed to a table right beside the serving counter. I count it as my blessing because shortly after I settled in, crowd started to come in.

Beside the usual marinated meats, the restaurant also offers traditional Korean food such as: Tteok-Bokki and Korean pancakes. I love their stir-fried glass noodle! Although this could be the simplest dish to make, the taste of it really deserve 2 thumbs-up!

You can also expect squid rings, cherry tomatoes, Enoki mushroom, fresh lettuce, mixed salad (capsicum/pepper bells with tomato & lettuce) and slices of orange from the serving counter. Sadly, the variety of beverages isn’t very wide and all of them are carbonated drinks. Hopefully they will bring in more non-carbonated beverages in the future.

My 2 favorite choice of marinated meats are the spicy chicken bulgogi (the one in tangy orange colour) and the beef bulgogi (the one in the darker shade of brown), especially the spicy chicken bulgogi. Sweet and spicy always win my vote.

Barbequing on their concave ceramic grilling plate has definitely made the process enjoyable. Because of the concave design, the oil that is released from the grilling meat flows to the side of the plate instead of accumulating on the plate. Plus, their ceramic grill plates are non-stick! This is the first time I barbequed meat without having to worry how they would over-cook and have to exert force to scrape it off the plate. I am totally impressed.

The restaurant’s overall concept is similar to Seoul Garden, except that Dae Ssik Sin offers value-for-money food. Speaking in terms of service, the crews are pleasant and friendly. Even the boss; an authentic Korean, made rounds in the restaurant to chat with his customers. We exchanged a few words while he was helping us clean the grill plate. A boss that is willing to get his hands dirty and displays such friendliness to his customers definitely makes me want to return to the restaurant.

Dae Ssik Sin Korean Grill BBQ Buffet Restaurant
Nex Level 2 (Beside Lenas)
Weekday Lunch: $14.90++ (Adult), $8.90++ (Child)
Weekday Dinner: $24.90++ (Adult), #18.90++ (Child)
Weekend: $24.90++ (Adult), $18.90++ (Child)
For reservation, call 6853 5054

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