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I hope it isn't too late to say... HELLO AUGUST It is already the 2nd week of August and I'm only welcoming its presence now. Wit...

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I hope it isn't too late to say...


It is already the 2nd week of August and I'm only welcoming its presence now. Within the period of my disappearance, too many accidents, events and celebrations took place. July sped by with me aggressively applying for jobs, attending interviews and taking up more designing projects. Also, I have reached my first life milestone when J and I applied for our house. As exciting as it is, I’m also aware of the responsibilities and planning that is on a close chase. The heartfelt truth is to know that I have J to walk this path with me, hand in hand and heart to heart.

Moving on, my thoughts are going at different directions and my fingers are dying to bring those memories to life. I will try to summarize all events and hopefully it will not turn out to be some draggy post.

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First off, while we all were in the midst of planning and hiding a secret birthday surprise trip for Bryan, la mademoiselle Sheryl fell in her bathroom and result in a huge opening on her palm. We were really worried that the cut will not heal in time for the surprise trip. I will never forget that day at the hospital while I accompanied her and witness the pain. So everyone, please be very caution in everything you do.

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With all the worrying going on, we had a fair share of joy when Cassandra announced a new kitten at her house! Marble was a stray brought home by Cass’s mum. Even though she was a stray, she’s one smart kitty. She already know how to walk to the pee pad to release herself and she isn’t afraid of humans. In fact, she allows anyone to carry and play with her, which is really rare for a cat. The cutest thing of all is that she is a heavy sleeper and can fall asleep anywhere within seconds. And when she s asleep, you can move her paws or whatever, she doesn’t move at all! Seriously cute!

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Exactly a week before the actual surprise, a potluck celebration was held at Jon house. Another purpose of the party was to erase any possible doubt of the surprise and convince Bryan this was the only celebration. Everyone love the self-made Kimbap by the girls (I guess). No matter what, it was a night of non-stop laughter. The greatest thing is life beside family and money is definitely friends. You need not have to know the entire world to show that you have friends. I cannot mention enough how a handful of close, sincere friends will be enough for a lifetime. Oh. I replaced my face with a Rilakkuma sticker because I had a exhausted expression but the rest seems so happy!

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And before Bryan knows it, we are all in Phuket! I will blog about that another time. It's 3 in the morning now! And here's Oreo saying bye on my behalf!

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