Kotsujiru Nabe By Osaka Ohsho

by - April 15, 2015

It all started out with two rumbling tummies and an appetite for noodles. At first glance, it seems to be another typical ramen shop. It was until I was led to my seat, handed a copy of the menu that I came to realisation that this, isn’t any ordinary ramen place.

Apparently, Kotsujiry Nabe offers not the traditional ramen, but gyoza ramen. After much instant googling on my mobile, it dawned on me that this ramen place is a branch out from gyoza specialist – Osaka Ohsho. The spicy boiled gyoza dry ramen is really おいしい (oishii)! Even though the gyozas are steamed, the gyoza skin isn’t thick or gluey. In fact, it is ultra chewy, in the most delicious way of course.

Yes, they have the usual deep fried gyoza as well, but seriously the steamed gyozas are more taste buds satisfying. The soup ramen on the other hand was decent, filling but nothing special or unforgettable.

This visually “unappealing” bowl of redness is one of their signature soup gyoza. You can pick original, miso, miso kimchi or tom yam soup base and I have with me the tom yam base. Beside the spicy dry ramen, this got to be my next favourite on the list. Anything tom yam automatically appeals to me, so this could be a bias review ha-ha! But seriously, this pot of spice and sour blended so well with the steamed gyozas and enhanced my appetite so much, I was practically gulping down the goodness. I would definitely return for this.

Kotsujiru Nabe Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street B1-K21
Singapore 188021
Phone number - 6338 0343

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