Oasia Hotel Club Room

Ever since I had my first staycation at Siloso Beach Resort for my 18th birthday, I was hooked to it. The short-term rejuvenating escape f...

Ever since I had my first staycation at Siloso Beach Resort for my 18th birthday, I was hooked to it. The short-term rejuvenating escape from reality was one of the reasons why, but really it was mainly due to the fascination of room designs, amenities and ‘wow’ factor. That’s why I ended up in the hotel industry :)

When #TheScript came to Singapore on 21st April, I took this opportunity to arrange a staycation, a day away from the daily routine, relaxing and exploring another local hotel by Far East Hospitality – Oasia Hotel Singapore. Located just directly above Novena MRT station, with direction board and lift access straight at the station level, it is difficult to get lost.

Check-in on the other hand was a little upsetting; the staff that attended to me seems to be new. He forgot to hand me the club room guide, asked for payment when credit card was already passed to him. The room wasn’t ready and I was asked to return by 3pm, when I returned as discussed, he took another 30 odd minutes before I received my room card ☹.

Pushing the incident to the back of my mind, I set foot into the elevator, excited about my room. Club room guest gets to enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi connection, exclusive entry to the club lounge and private pool.

Although the club room wasn’t as huge as others I’ve been to, it was spacious enough to contain a working desk with real working stationeries (Eraser, pencil, ruler, pen etc.), a cosy bed and a pretty awesome food & beverage corner. The wooden panelling design brings on a modern and sleek look while the unique marble flooring separates the room from the usual carpeted flooring. The marble flooring are cooling and save you the pain of carpet odours.

Talking about spacious, this is how they reduce clutter in the room - space saving, “secret” compartment cabinet. Beside the Lays and Calbee chips which belongs to me, available in the club room are the Nespresso® coffee machine (definitely a bonus!), mixture tea range from Naturalis Tea and, lo and behold, in their mini fridge is a complimentary selection of Vitamin Water; One of my favourite drinks!

The bathroom is equipped with a tub and a separated standing shower with a transparent glass panel which allows you to watch the television while your shower. There’s an audio tuner in the bathroom as well. By switching it on, it feels just like you are watching the television from outside the bathroom.

There is nothing in the room that I can pick at, except how the television channels are mixed up and totally irrelevant to the channel guide provided.

The perks of being a club room guest is getting to enjoy a glass of cocktail anytime from 7am to 11pm at their club lounge, otherwise known as The Living Room. Before I head out for my concert date, I went to the club lounge for complimentary evening cocktails and canapés. The privilege of a weekday stay is being able to enjoy the empty, quiet club lounge all to myself.

Just right beside the club lounge's outdoor sitting is the private pool area equipped with jacuzzi tub. It was rather gloomy that day and the pool was freezing cold. To my surprise, the water from the jacuzzi tub was warm and so-very-comfortable, so I selfishly let myself soaked a little longer there. There are plenty of sun loungers to go around, and each lounger comes with a mini reading desk, how thoughtful.

As the canapés menu is always on rotation, you can’t predict what will be served. There wasn’t much choice to pick from, but the smoked salmons with caviar, pies and muffins were tasty and fulfilling. I ordered myself a cup of hot chocolate which turned out pretty plain and tasteless. Another order of peach flavoured iced steamed milk made up for it. The chilled, creamy steamed milk with added peach syrup of some sort really hit the spot for me. Yum yum yum. Despite all the unpleasant encounters, the club lounge staff deserves credit for their unlimited patience, smile and top-notch services.

Breakfast at the club lounge was pretty limited, so I went down to the main dining place – The Marmalade Pantry instead. Let’s just say, I had my best local staycation breakfast spread. No pictures because I was a hungry bunny and can’t wait to indulge in the lavish buffet spread. I can still clearly recall all the food I had and damn, how I wish I was there right now.

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