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[Sponsored Post] Truth to be told, I hardly treat myself to any professional facial sessions, mostly just massages and spa. I don’t under...

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Truth to be told, I hardly treat myself to any professional facial sessions, mostly just massages and spa. I don’t understand how facial packages can be so overpriced and I thought my range of facial care products at home were sufficient to maintain a good skin condition, until research proven that gentle treatment can better uphold and improve both skin and body health. Facts were further proven after I visited Skin Shape Club.

Skin Shape Club is founded as a boutique wellness club to allow its members to learn more about beauty & wellness and conveniently receive clinically-proven skin and slimming treatments that keep them in shape. Their aestheticians are professionally-trained and being regularly tested to ensure they provide optimal care during treatment procedures.

Upon arrival, I changed into the disposable slippers provided and went into the consultation room where I was served a chilled cup of orange fusion water (helps to detox) and Audrey; my consultant therapist goes through the consultation and treatment process with me before I was led to the treatment room.

The cosy treatment room was nicely furnished and clean. I changed into a robe before lying on the heated bed. Yes, they provide heated bed, which is super beneficial for people like me with low tolerance for cold! If you find the heat unbearable, notify your therapist and they will adjust the heat for you. They are all honestly very hospitable people :)

The Skin Shaper Facial treatment last approximately around 30 minutes. This facial program is designed by medical and dermal experts from overseas and locals using registered trademark - LHE ® technology (Light & Heat Energy) for skin rejuvenation, collagen renewal and acne clearance.

Audrey helped to cleanse my face first, removed all possible impurities, dead skin cells and dirt for better penetration of the light heat energy. Treatment is done using the LHE applicator which was placed on areas (cheeks, forehead, eyes, nose & chin) of my face. Soft pulses of red light were administered upon activation and a warm bearable sensation would be felt as the light and heat energy penetrates into the skin. Because the skin around our eye area is slightly thinner, the heat could get a bit stinging. Sometime during the treatment, you might catch a little burning smell. That’s because the applicator detect your facial hair. But not to worry, the heat won’t burn away any of your hair.

After the LHE treatment, my skin was ready to received and absorb the serum applied. Beside the selected skincare serum, eye lotion, lip mask and face mask was applied and left on for another 30 minutes. The entire process was truly rejuvenating and I can’t deny that I dozed off some period during the treatment. The process was done after removal of mask, application of sunblock and completed with a simple yet pleasurable head massage.

After the treatment, I was led to the Club Lounge and sitting on the table was a cup of iced ginger tea (I love ginger tea!), a bowl of minced fish & egg porridge and some grapes waiting for me. It really felt like I walked into my own princess room with food prepared for me right after an hour of pure relaxation. During my 2nd treatment a week later, I was served fishball soup macaroni! At Skin Shape Club, it legitimately felt like pure heaven with their endless pampering.

Besides the meal provided, members are free to spend as long as they wish in the lounge area to flip through their collection of wellness and skincare books and magazine, or simply attend to your personal work. Their mini pantry offers a range of healthy snacks and beverages for your enjoyment. Members are given complimentary Wi-Fi access and exclusive invitation to workshops and talks organised. I always linger around to enjoy the privacy after every session.

After my 1st session, there was an obvious positive result. My skin feels tighter and the pores are less visible. Even my tiny pop-up acnes were reduced after just one treatment. I was clearly impressed. In comparison from before I started the treat till after finishing my second session, there was no doubt that my skin tone was brightened, pigmentation were lighter and my acnes were lessen. After witnessing these changes I’m very excited to complete the rest of my sessions to see the final result!

Skin Shape Club is currently having a promotion of $45 for their Skin Shaper Program Lite (4 x Skin Shaper, 30 mins).The Skin Shaper Plus Facial is priced at $160 for 60 minutes. New customers can enjoy 4 sessions at trial price of $128 ($32/session)! For more information, visit:

Skin Shape Club
Orchard Central, #03-13/14
Tel: 6589 8331

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