[Sponsored] Palmer’s Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion Deep Moisture

Extracted from Cacao bean, Cocoa butter is known to be a superfood for skin and widely used in body lotions and moisturizer. Cocoa Butter F...

Extracted from Cacao bean, Cocoa butter is known to be a superfood for skin and widely used in body lotions and moisturizer. Cocoa Butter Formula; the #1 formula, is one of Palmer’s key offering in its wide range of skincare products. And I have with me – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion to review on.

Enriched with (1) Cocoa Butter: it is known to be a rich natural moisturizer that leaves skin soft and silky, transforming the roughest, driest area into buttery soft skin. (2) Vitamin E: the antioxidant from within will help to improve appearance of scars, stretch marks and skin imperfections, giving it a more even skin tone. (3) Shea Butter: it helps to deeply moisturizes and nourishes to leave skin feeling soft and radiant.

During my first usage, I sprayed at a close range and within seconds, my skin was covered with too much of the solution. For best result, hold the product 3-4 inches from the skin and spray in a continuous motion. The can comes with a lock to prevent leakage. The key ingredient in Palmer’ innovative moisturizing spray lotion lies in their Cocoa Butter and its unique delivery system and Rapidsorb® Technology.

Rapidsorb® Technology is a non-aerosol based technology and it does not use propellants to deliver fine sprays, allowing the lotion to be quickly absorbed into the skin. You can found out more about Cocoa Butter, the superfood for your skin from the video below.

Crafted especially for use “on the go”, the spray lotion is less time consuming and easier to apply on. The can is however a tad too big to bring out. But since the lotion comes with 24 hours moisture ability, I figured there’s no need to bring it out. After few days of application, there is a significant change on the back of my hands. My skin doesn’t look too dull and dry anymore; in replacement is a healthier looking skin tone and softer, fairer skin. Apart from the circled area, the skin condition on my wrist area is more moisturized and the skin lines are less visible. The lotion smells a lot like the aromatic chocolaty scent you catch every time you pass by Famous Amos Cookies and it really lingers on your skin up till 24 hours. Now I can smell like chocolate all day long ha-ha!

Palmer's Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion Deep Moisture can be purchased at Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice, BHG, Robinsons, John Little and leading cosmetic stores at the retail price of $17.90/200g

Palmer's Brand Story

Founded in America more than 170 years ago in 1840, Palmer’s has become one of the world’s leading names in skincare, a brand that women around the world have grown up with. Their unique heritage and commitment to quality has stood the test of time. Generations of families have loved the fantastic moisturizing qualities of Palmer’s skincare range, and millions of women around the world agree – Palmer’s can be found in bathroom cabinets in the homes of families in more than 80 countries, making it one of the popular skincare brand.

Their #1 formula, Cocoa Butter Formula, is one of Palmer’s key offering in its wide range of skincare. Today, Palmer’s is still committed to creating affordable products that really do work, growing to provide a Palmer’s product for every skincare need : hand and body care, facial care, stretch mark care, hair care, body care and personal care.

Using nature’s richest, most luxurious ingredients, Palmer’s key ingredients include Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Palmer’s has created a Palmer’s product for every skincare need.

Palmer’s is against animal testing and all of the products are cruelty free. Majority of Palmer’s products are free of parabens, phthalates and sulphates.

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