Panasonic Beauty Workshop x Bryan 老师

[Event Invitation] Woke up exceptionally early on Saturday morning to attend a beauty workshop by Singapore’s beauty and wellness celebri...

[Event Invitation]

Woke up exceptionally early on Saturday morning to attend a beauty workshop by Singapore’s beauty and wellness celebrity guru – Bryan Gan (Bryan 老师) in collaboration with Panasonic. The lack of sleep is totally worth it, Bryan was such a good host. I honestly had fun picking up beauty tips and having a good laugh over the entertainment. Such a good workshop hosted by such popular guest, I had to bring my uprising beauty consultant friend with me. I’m glad she too had fun and picked up new beauty beauty knowledge.

You might find Bryan老师; who is also a Natural Therapist, familiar. That is because he is a regular guest on Taiwan’s popular programme – Lady First (女人我最大). It is truly unbelievable that Bryan is already 43 years old, I can’t find any obvious sign of aging from his appearance. He will be sharing with us DIY beauty tips and food cures, and here he is, showing the audience dried white white fungus and its beauty benefits. To improve eyesight, brew white chrysanthemum with water. Use yellow chrysanthemum if you want to cure headache.

He shared with us breathing techniques that strengthen your lungs capacity, as our lungs are crucial in maintaining physical beauty. He calls this technique – 4, 7, 8. Start out by exhaling with a hissing sound “shhhhi”, follow by inhaling through your nose for 4 seconds before you hold your breath for 7 seconds, then finally you exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds. The entire process will aid the regulating of ‘Qi’ in your body!

Some of the demonstration photos will look blurry or grainy, that is because I captured it off the television screen as I’m blocked from the stage view. Do pardon me for these low quality images.

This Panasonic Facial Roller contains two removable rollers to suit use and preference, the rollers have rotary power and heating elements that will help create warming effect on the skin. It is produced for cordless usage

Bryan老师 demonstrating how to use the device to achieve a sharper chin, by rolling it up your jaw, firming both your cheek and under chin areas.

Similarly, you can also use the device to massage your neck, to loosen the muscle. Ladies who wears high heel regularly can also utilise this device on your calves.

Bryan老师 truly adores Chinese herbs and bring some of it with him whenever he leave his house. He is holding on to the corn silk which is said to help lower blood pressures.

Next up; we have the Panasonic Eye Warming Massager. The best time to utilise this device is night time. After a long time at work or when you’re facing insomnia, put on this massage. It will emit warm steam to moisturise the eye area. There are two types of vibration massage modes to help user relieve eye strain. Best of all, it comes in a compact size which is suitable to bring along when you travel for holidays or even use it on the plane.

The internal skin contact area of the device is made with rubber, which will not cause any cut or mark after usage.

It is encouraged to steam your face at least twice a week. You can also steam your face before cleansing so that the pores will open up and it’s easier to clear the residues and dirt on your face. Panasonic Compact Facial Steamer emits nano particle ion steam that will provide deep moisture retention and increase firmness and suppleness. It also helps to reduce facial oil and sebum, refine pores for smoother skin.

Some facial steamer allows the input of aromatic oil while others don’t. Bryan老师 shared a DIY tip to achieve aromatic face steam. Drop few drops of your aroma oil of a piece of cotton pad and tape to the opening of the face steamer. This way, when the steam rises, it will carry the aroma through the cotton pad.

This Panasonic Facial Cool Putter is a treatment stick with a surface that will reach about 15℃ and instantly cools and tighten the skin. It is light weighted and easy to carry.

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