by - November 14, 2015

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When it comes to sanitary pads shopping, I tend to go for brands that are more highly absorbent. Besides that, the other main consideration would definitely be comfort level. In a country like Singapore, the humid weather does make the entire menstruation cycle rather uncomfortable and sometime cause irritation. With discharge leaving our body for 4-5 days, we ladies truly need the entire period to be as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.

The new Kotex Luxe ® Ultrathin pad is the new revolutionary pad where softness and dryness comes together, and it provides up to 3x faster absorption!

I was caught in a pleasant surprise when I open the package. The sanitary pads actually come in vibrant coloured packaging! It was like choosing your favourite chocolate out of a tin of chocolate assortments; I realized I kept going for the blue packages ha-ha!

Kotex Luxe® Ultrathin Daytime pad is 24cm in length.

The Kotex Luxe ® Ultrathin Night time that comes in 32cm length with wings, for heavy flows usage is my favourite and here are the reasons why it will be the ultimate solution for every girl:

Surround Lock Protection - Surrounding embossed star-contours on the pad, designed to help provide user with additional security and leakage protection.

Honeycomb Liquid-Locker - Rapidly absorbs and locks away fluid to help keep user’s skin dry and comfortable.

Ultra Comfort Cover - Specially designed to deliver both dryness and softness, helping to provide user with the ultimate experience of a high performance pad. The honeycomb centre helps to keep user’s skin dry, while the surrounding soft cottony surface helps to provide intimate care for the skin.

I did a simple comparison test between Kotex Luxe ® Ultrathin (right) and Brand X(left) using brown coloured dye (Ran out of red!). The outcome of the test is pretty obvious. Clearer, the 3x absorption wins. I’ve been using these sanitary pads since I received them for review and I’m definitely going to continue using and enjoying the benefits it brings to me!

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