Singtel TLC Festival 2015

[Media Invitation] Back in September, I had the honour of attending TLC Festival as a media blogger through invitation by Singtel. Close ...

[Media Invitation]

Back in September, I had the honour of attending TLC Festival as a media blogger through invitation by Singtel. Close friends and family knows how well I can cook and how much I enjoy the process. So when this invitation came by, I see no reason not to accept it. TLC has always been one of my favourite cable channels because of programmes like World’s Weirdest Restaurant, MasterChef and Cake Boss.

Upon arrival at the media room, media tags were put on for me and Sherly, my plus one of the day. After that, the staff proceeds to hands me a huge picnic basket filled with awesome goodies! This media kit/goodie bag consist of a TLC picnic mat, a TLC tumbler cup with straw (been using and loving it!), a TLC canvas tote bag and other products by the event sponsors.

Another reason why I couldn’t resist attending the festival? Bob Blumer, Jock Zonfrillo and the cutesy Erwan Heussaff! (heart shaped eyes).

Up close and personal with Bob and Jock in their exclusive media demonstration on coconut shrimps! Everyone loves Bob because he is really humorous and a great entertainer. And when you put Bob and Jock together? The entire room was filled with never ending laughers. Once they were done deep frying the coconut shrimps into crunchy, golden brown balls of heaven, Erwan entered the frame for his mojito demonstration. (girly squeaks)!

Would die to taste one of these again. That's it, I'm going grocery shopping after this!

Complimentary food and beverage vouchers for me and my partner in courtesy of Singtel! On our way in, I already notice all the food trucks stationed around the area, some menus already caught my eyes. But before we went pigging around, we went to get our airbrush tattoo or as the girlfriend state it; our sign of “rebellion” done first ha-ha!

25 grams - A modern patisserie that bakes soulful desserts in-house. We bought their Triple Chocolate cupcake (chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache) and Nutella Baby cupcake (chocolate cupcake, stuffed with Nutella, topped with Nutella buttercream). It was pretty difficult to decide from the range of cupcakes offered, everything look extremely appetizing!

Kerbside Gourment in conjunction with Food For Thought serving Bob Blumer’s Chocolate Wonton and Erwan Heussaff’s Salted Egg Butter Prawn Roll. We settled for the prawn roll, because nothing can go wrong with a little prawn and bun right?

Other food on our picnic mat – Kebab from Shiraz, red velvet churros from Bakes and Crafts and my ultimate favourite food store: Mad Love Food! Their staff was providing top notch and ultra friendly service. Their ready-to-eat nachos comes with 4 different type of cheese sauces (original cheese, garlic cheese, spicy cheese & herbs cheese) to choose from. We picked the original and spicy ones. We also bought their Nutella banana crepe after sampling because the crepe was done to this perfect crisp which I totally love!

Even though it was somewhat hazy that day, the turnout for the event was still overwhelming. Yoga practitioners turned up with their mat and engage in an outdoor yoga session with the ever healthy and fit Denise Keller.

Thank you TLC and Singtel, I had an enjoyable day! Remember, everyone needs a little TLC ;)

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