ASUS ZenFone Selfie Review - The Perfect Selfie

The term ‘ZenFone Selfie’ is pretty much self-explanatory. This phone focuses more on the functions and availabilities to enhance the fron...

The term ‘ZenFone Selfie’ is pretty much self-explanatory. This phone focuses more on the functions and availabilities to enhance the front camera (selfie shot), and that is definitely something I'm sure majority of the ladies would be thrilled to find out about.

Equipped with 13 megapixel Toshiba sensor with an 88-degree-wide-angle Largan lens, users can expect refined selfie shots. In case of dim environment, clearer shots can be achieved with the Real Tone dual-LED flash. Say yay to party selfie shots!

To ease the activation of the front camera, users can adopt the ZenMotion swipe. Time and hassle saving, users just have to draw an S on the screen and the selfie mode will be activated without the need of unlocking the phone. Similarly, user can draw C to active the rear camera, E for email, W for browser and V for dialing. With the ability to recognize touch screen and motion gesture for shortcuts, functions activation is much more convenient now!

Beautification function – I’m not going to lie, this is my absolute favourite function. The beautification mode is the default setting for the front camera, so every time the front camera is activated, it goes straight into this mode – selfie anywhere, anytime.

This mode allows user to brighten and soften skin tone, balance facial features, remove skin blemishes, add blush. The best part of these features are that they are viewed in real-time, so you can make adjustment until you gotten a satisfactory look before taking the shot. Ladies, you no longer require MTXX and what not because everything you need to beautify your picture is all packed in this mode. With the 140 degree Selfie Panorama mode, you can now fit as many people as you want in a single selfie shot!

Did I mention that the display screen is made of Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4? Safer and stronger than before, the 4th generation glass boasts twice the drop-damage resistance of its processor and a 2.5x increase in retained strength!

Identical to the front camera, the rear camera also uses 13 megapixel resolution and comes with ultra-fast 0.2 second laser auto focus and macro shots up to 6cm for refined details and clarity in close-up shots.

Night Mode/Low Light (3M)


With Super HDR technology, light balance is improved by 400% which create ease to capture backlit subjects. Users get to choose from 16 different customization modes which includes auto, manual, HDR, low light, GIF animation, time lapse and time rewind etc.

More than just a phone, ZenFone Selfie was created to define a more instinctive way for human interaction. Thus the rear-mounted volume control and shutter button are both centrally positioned at the back shell, allowing the index finger to have an easier access to volume adjustment and snapping of selfies.

Asus ZenFone Selfie comes in three colours: Aqua Blue, Pure White and Chic Pink. The phone is available at all Asus brand stores and authorized retailers and sold at the price of SGD399.

Review – Selfie taking has indeed became more enjoyable and accessible with the ZenMotion feature and Beautification mode. It truly lives up to its name by creating beautiful, flawless selfie shots. By positioning the volume controls at the rear shell, volume adjustments are really more accessible as compared to phones with volume control located at the side. I love the sleek appearance of the phone and the stable grip of it in my palm. The battery life the 3,000mAh battery is pretty lasting as well, a fully charged phone can last me slightly more than 24 hours; which is good enough for me.

The down side of the phone is experiencing lagging when too many applications are open at once. Changing between applications while having other open applications might result in slight hanging/lagging of screen. Other than this, the phone served me really well. I hardly brought out my camera anymore because the phone allows me to capture great photos from both the front and rear camera. In comparison to my camera, this phone fits better into my clutches and mini shoulder bag :)

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