ErucA Japanese Haircare

[Sponsored Review] This isn’t the first time I’m declaring my love for toiletries/cosmetics made in Japan, and it will not be my last. Hug...

[Sponsored Review]

This isn’t the first time I’m declaring my love for toiletries/cosmetics made in Japan, and it will not be my last. Huge thanks to Sample Store and ErucA® Singapore, I was able to own and enjoy another wonderful hair care range from Japan!

Producing botanical oil infused shampoos and conditioners, ErucA® is a Japanese hair care brand that focuses on utilising seed oils to provide nature’s “silicon-like’ effects without harming effects of silicon itself. Their seed oils are extracted from broccoli, cowberry, bilberry, milk thistle etc, and this is the hallmark of their moisturising and shine-inducing formula.

The solution also contains rich botanically-sourced oils such as argan, virgin prune and marula oil, which helps to rejuvenate tired tresses.

ErucA® hair care comes in three different ranges, each product is infused with the next generation botanical oil that helps to repair, nourish your hair and scalp:

ErucA® Scalp & Volume - Uses botanical oil extracted from specially selected seed oils to help restore balance to the scalp and alleviate common scalp problems like itchiness and dandruff. Create scalp care and hair volume by repairing the inside and cuticles of their follies, moisturises the scalp while also providing volume through ensuring springiness from Hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract.

ErucA® 3D Volume Up - Contains a unique volumizing ingredient that wraps the whole hair in a thin veil to create volume form the roots without the use of harmful hair products.

ErucA® Moist & Repair - Tames your unruly hair into beautiful lock of hair with the hair defining formula that aims to restore water and oil balances in your hair and scalp for frizz-free hair. The seed oil extracted provides a shine and silkiness to the hair.

My favourite range got to be Moist & Repair as my hair ends are very frizzle and prone to dryness. Here’s a before (left) and after pictures comparison, and there’s an improvement with my hair ends. It’s softer and lighter than before. Also, I did notice that all the ranges smell very fruity! And this ranges smells like lychee! Although it is oil infused hair care range, the products does not leave any oily touch to my hair.

All ErucA® products are sold at retail price: $18.90 to $22.90 at Guardian and Tokyu Hands. 'Like' ErucA® Facebook Page ( to participate in their co9ntest to win prizes. You can also redeem free samples here

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