The Scene Hair Salon (Raffles City)

[Sponsored Review] Located at Raffles City Shopping Centre lies an authentic Korea hair salon that specialize in Korean perms and styling,...

[Sponsored Review]

Located at Raffles City Shopping Centre lies an authentic Korea hair salon that specialize in Korean perms and styling, a hair salon dedicating in bringing the K-wave into the local scene. Think soft, cute see-through bangs and big sweet waves/curls; who would reject looking like a Korean star right?

Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to get my tresses handled by the highly qualified Korean professionals!

To achieve the overall K-wave look, you must of course construct a strong base to go through with all the perms and colour dyes. Roy was the hair professional handling my dry (twig looking) hair for that day and recommend that I undergo the DEESSE’s [L.M] 3+1 Hair Treatment before I go into further styling.

And that is Roy, the dashing and talented man (oppa) jotting down the steps in details on the mirror so that I understand what I will be going through.

The DEESSE’S hair treatment is conducted through 4 steps:
1. Applying moisture and heat so that the hair cuticles will enlarge and absorb the treatment. (~10mins)
2. Protein treatment cream is applied to strengthen the hair (~10mins)
3. Hair oil treatment is applied (~10mins)
4. Application of hair mask before styling

For post styling hair care, Esthermore’s Oil Essence was applied to protect against heat damage and moisture loss. This essence is less harsh as compared to other serums in the market and it leaves a sweet, floral scent on your hair!

Review – The friendly hair professionals do take pride and genuinely concern in their client’s hair conditions and would not insist on going ahead with heating services (perms/rebonding) should they discover that the foundation of your hair isn’t strong enough. Without a doubt, they are well equipped with appropriate product and service knowledge and so I knew I was in good hands. The treatment left me with improved quality and textured hair without leaving any greasy aftermath. My hair ends were silky smooth and even after the post styling application, my hair still does not feel heavy from all the applications.

Many thanks to the adorable Jack for your wonderful hospitality and invitation, and to the dashing Roy: thank you for working your magical hands on my hopeless hair ends! You too, can get your tresses beautified by these amazing people. Thanks to the The Scene Hair Salon, first 30 readers to quote my name ADELINEwill enjoy 10% off their services!

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