[Review] Lynn Aesthetic Facial Treatment

Amidst the hectic adult life, it is always an enjoyment to rewards oneself with a pampering session every now and then. Thank you Samplest...

Amidst the hectic adult life, it is always an enjoyment to rewards oneself with a pampering session every now and then. Thank you Samplestore for sending me to a rewarding facial session with Lynn Asthetic; where every aspect of the session was nothing but satisfying. Service, comfort level and result. Checked. Checked. Checked.

Located within walking distance from Kovan Mrt Station, Lynn Aesthetic is situated right next to the entrance of Kovan bowling centre and has been around for more than 20 years. After the recent renovation, they now accommodate more than 10 rooms in their two storey store.

Before I proceed with the facial, I have to share how beautiful this place actually is. From the waiting lounge to corridors to treatment rooms, every detail is carefully designed and decorated. And here's an interesting fact, there's different theme for the treatment rooms! And each theme is self picked and decorated by their respective therapist. The theme of my treatment room is Garden, and it's not hard to understand why. Pink walls and flowers hanging off the celling?! That is legit the most beautiful view I ever had from lying on up of a treatment bed haha! And that alone makes me happy even before anything starts. Not to mention how the room smells of relaxing lavender.

I was in for their Young & Trendy Detox Facial, which focuses on the "self-repair ability that human naturally have, by accelerating the metabolism rate of the skin cells to produce the best skin conditions.

the touch of my therapist's hand was soft but skilful. She starts with the treatment by gently cleansing my face to remove impurities. Hot towels were used to clean off the solution – one of my favourite self-taught move back at home. Not only is it relaxing, the moist heat actual helps to loosen dead skin cells and dirt from the surface of your skin!

Extraction have always been the most dreaded procedure for me. Despite having high tolerance of pain, I was still tearing away from the pressure felt on my face. But you know how people always says that there's a price to pay for beauty? Well, this is it. And I'm glad I tolerated the little pain and went through with it because my face was clearly rid of excessive white and black heads.

The Co2 cream mask got to be my favourite of the entire treatment. After the cooling cream mask was applied on, it compensated the pain I felt earlier from extraction. In addition, my therapist was giving me head and shoulder massage, which of course made me doze off in no time. The cream mask solidifies and was later on peeled off my skin before toner, moisturizer and sun block was applied.

After roughly 2 hours, I left Lynn Aesthetic with a smoother touch to my face. Bumps and zits have subsided and the size of my pores were visiby reduced. Few days after the treatment, my face maintained it’s healthy state and I found myself excluding foundation in my makeup routine because the skin condition is really good and I do not want to jeopardize it. Just simple concealer coverage and I’m good to head out.

Lynn Aesthetic
Blk 211, Hougang St 21, #01-317 Singapore 530211
(Nearest MRT Station: NEL Kovan)
Mon-Fri : 10am - 9pm | Sat,Sun,PH : 10am - 6pm
To book an appointment, call 6289 8901

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